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    This web site provides hope, treatment resources, body mass evaluation, an interactive quiz, and a dynamic new therapy to help anorexia and bulimia eating disorders sufferers, their supporters, and therapists establish a complete recovery. Currently, our Trilogy (3 books in 1) explaining this therapy is selling for $10 off original price at $6.95, including free shipping and handling. To further demonstrate our committment to help, we are now offering a totally free book to those unable to afford the cost.

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    The Spark of Life Trilogy may help save a loved one's life, or at the least, provide supporters a comforting calm by explaining all aspects of an effective new treatment for anorexia and bulimia sufferers. The author is a licensed counselor who successfully guided his soul mate toward a permanent spark of life through the pervasive dreary darkness of her severely incapacitating eating disorders. Read the amazing real life stories of how he helped his mate overcome the baffling bleakness of bulimia (book 1) over a few years and the absolute agony of severe anorexia (book 2) in a mere half year using his very own therapy (book 3). The third book provides an easily understood methodical explanation of how this dynamic new therapy was applied in the first book on bulimia and in the second on severe anorexia. The Trilogy is not a "war story" glorifying the horrors of eating disorders sufferers, but it is more a practical solution filled guide of what exactly should be done by those sufferers, their supporters, and therapists to effect the most affordable and longest lasting recovery possible. Amidst his prolonged assistance, the author was able to discover the ultimate essence of life—perhaps you can too.
    In a review, editor Duncan Mack at Ensbay Publishing wrote: "The Spark of Life Trilogy provides incredible insight from arduous analysis of the real life prevention, development, treatment, and recovery experiences of an anorexia and bulimia sufferer and her supporters. It was rather like the author got inside his disordered soul mate's mind in order to painstakingly create a hopeful and vital new therapy for the treatment of these insidious disorders. The book answers questions about why and how eating disorders develop and what specifically can be done by whom to effectively treat the sufferers. I only wished that I had known the lessons therein before my own encounters with a loved one's extreme suffering from anorexia nervosa. What can I say about the Trilogy? It ignited a persistent 'spark' at the end of my loved one's darkest anorexic tunnel!"

New Therapy

    Author Dave MacEwan developed Indirect Rational Control Therapy (or IRCT) to help his soul mate Irene through her lengthy battles with first bulimia nervosa and then severe anorexia nervosa with a bulimic component. He helped her try other forms of treatment with little or no improvement. Irene was alive, but not really living her life. She urgently needed a spark of life to light her way out of the black funk created by these devastating disorders.
    Before IRCT can begin, a client's real need for recovery must be evidenced. In an anorexic, an evaluation of two key health concerns should also be determined. Indeed, an anorexic who (1) persistently (more than 2 weeks) weighs less than 80% of her ideal body weight or (2) has a very confused mind may need immediate medical intervention to provide life affirming body mass and rejuvenate mental function. A best friend or spouse should be able to monitor such concerns. If either concern is realized, encourage her to see a medical doctor. In the spirit of true caring and respect, always give her a chance to decide for herself. With her real choices being do permanent health damage (e.g., severe osteoporosis causing bones to crack), get help, or die, she should eventually make the right one with steady but gentle persuasion. In a bulimic, real need for therapy is less physically and mentally obvious, but this need is critical to preserve client resources and achieve optimum recovery.
    Dave insists on a team approach using a therapist, a medical doctor, and a best friend or spouse. Either eating disorder is treatable with IRCT. Initially, a client has to be made aware of how she really feels, especially during full symptomatic periods. Such feelings as fear and guilt need to be properly sensed because they are causitive agents in creating the depressed context of those afflicted. Foundation counseling techniques will help clarify these feelings. With the application of a team's tough love to not buffer a client after full symptomatic episodes, she will hopefully feel the disorder's negative aura vividly enough to be moved to a conversion experience. Thereby, she decides to give up the core activity (e.g., binge-purging or starvation) and truly start the path to a stable recovery. This conversion lays a great foundation for primary therapy. Without conversion taking place, therapy may surely proceed, but will probably not effect the fastest and most complete recovery possible. In IRCT, a client-focused approach is applied using self and external positive reinforcement of her progressively more rational accomplishments as indirectly facilitated primarily by the therapist. At the same time, her unusually low self-esteem will be built as she develops the necessary rational control to live a normal life again. Thus, the client's ultimate remedy lies within her very own mind.

Other Information

    A brief author bio is given, including his guiding poem "Risks to Be." So that you can judge your interest in the Trilogy, we carefully provide excerpts (including Irene's poem "Embers") of various portions of the three included books. We insist on your purchase being efficient, private, secure, and value packed. The initial low price of $16.95 for a trilogy has been cut by $10 off to $6.95. The shipping (taking just 5 days) and handling (S&H) is currently free for any quantity ordered. Also, we provide other appropriate general information about the publisher, the Trilogy, S&H, sales taxes (paid by us), customer service, and privacy and security that we pride ourselves on delivering.
    You may purchase the Trilogy (with free S&H) at any time online using a credit card or PayPal by selecting order. We use PayPal to provide totally secure online order processing. Also, the Trilogy is sold online at the bookstore, but at greater cost and with longer delivery.


    In order that those needing help with eating disorders may more readily obtain information on treatment referral services, relevant organizations, and special university research programs that sometimes offer free or even compensated treatment, we have furnished a comprehensive listing of phone numbers (many toll free) and URLs of these various resources. We help because we know the agony of these afflictions all too well and information provides comfort.


    Our method of diagnosis can provide only a cautionary indication of needed medical and therapeutic evaluation. Body mass may used as an index (or BMI) to evaluate one's degree of health risk. We provide an automatic BMI calculation process using just your barefoot height and your weight that allows you to figure your degree of possible health risk in seconds. You may use this index to detect possible anorexia. Bulimia will be very difficult to detect by this method. This method of evaluation should never replace a personal medical diagnosis.


    So that those afflicted and their supporters may properly judge their knowledge about eating disorders (or ED) and treatment, we have provided an interesting and interactive (ED) Quiz. This quiz has groups of questions on the following topics: anorexia, bulimia, and ED in general. You may navigate Quiz page links to your interest group(s). The Trilogy can be used as an effective learning source to help answer such questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The FAQ page provides some very common ED questions and answers. We give basic answers and a source for more detailed information. Disorders of this severity cannot be resolved by spending several minutes browsing Internet pages. Recovery takes personal support, medical and therpeutic assistance, and some hard work. Additional questions will be answered in the future. So, please check back occasionally if you are interested.

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