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    It is the author's sincere belief that a single life is not important except that it may affect the lives of others! The sweet sounds of Karen Carpenter would affect him as much as her abrupt death. He believes there is something we can learn from each person's life, no matter how tragic, bad, or good it seems. If only we cared enough about each other to spend the time.... His guiding life philosophy is given by his poem " Risks to Be" at the bottom of this page.


    Dave MacEwan has one master's (Counseling) and two bachelor's (Sociology and Math) degrees. Two of these degrees were for his soul and one was for his mind. We'll leave it to your imagination as to which matches up with which. Also, he has spent over 10,000 hours researching, observing, and providing therapy for eating disorders. If the clarity of his book's message is any indication, he seems to have made every hour count in developing his vital new therapy to help anorexics and bulimics.


    Dave has been the project manager and ghost writer for a total of 15 various training manuals and correspondence courses. He felt the need to come out of the closet so to write and to provide a useful message of his own choosing. Monetary gain is not his primary focus. However, he does want to provide hope and a dynamic new therapy to those involved with eating disorders. Dave did not go looking for this particular life experience; he was merely found by this devastating situation. Luckily, he was prepared for the battle. Surprisingly, he found his life essence during this experience, and perhaps you can find yours too by sharing these 6 years in his life.


    When Dave was younger, he was a big fan of Karen Carpenter, along with Chicago and Led Zeppellin to round him out. He was disturbed by her unnecessary early demise. Shortly after Karen's passing, her problem came into his own life via his soul mate Irene. He vowed the result would be different for Irene. His perception of the dreary darkness of eating disorders has been gleaned from the closest possible vantage point. Dave believes that you have to really understand problems to be able to develop real solutions. In this case, his strong background in counseling and psychology were a considerable help. Throughout the Trilogy, he rarely fails to grasp the greater essence of life events and to add a touch of humor as appropriate.


    Even though these events took place mostly in the 1980s, the same problems and need for an effective therapy are just as prevalent today. Dave waited 10 years to share his story, primarily to preserve Irene's anonymity. However, the need to help overcame him. He knows his new therapy, Indirect Rational Control Therapy (or IRCT), can make a very positive impact on the recovery process. He insisted on providing relevant excerpts of his Trilogy in order that potential readers may appropriately decide their interest. He is a straight line man living in a circuitous world.


    Dave MacEwan's guiding life philosophy is given by his poem below. Not surprisingly, it was this philosophy that helped him to provide Irene the assistance she needed. In a similar manner, it also provided Irene much needed philosophical support throughout her recovery struggles. In fact, if neither party took the risk of failure by trying, recovery might not have turned out as it did.

     Risks to Be

To live is to risk dying
To love is to risk rejection
To hope is to risk despair
To laugh is to risk being foolish
To cry is to risk being sentimental
To feel is to risk being sensitive
To present ideas is to risk criticism
To help is to risk involvement
To try at all is to risk failure
But risk we must
Because those who risk nothing...
Do nothing, have nothing, and are nothing
Unless they take the risks to be

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