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    Currently, our book is selling for only $6.95, including free shipping and handling. Also, we are taking orders only from U.S. customers who have an APO, FPO, or zip code. However, customers may also order online at the bookstore, but it may cost more and take longer to deliver through them. The following sections provide appropriate information about the publisher, the Trilogy, any Shipping and Handling fees, waived Sales Taxes, Customer Service, and important Privacy and Security considerations.

Ensbay Publishing

    Ensbay is an essence oriented publishing house located in the swamp of North Florida right next to a beautiful bay. The gators cruise; the pelicans glide; the fish jump; the saw grass sits; the sun sets magically; and the hot, humid climate percolates the blood in the creative mind.

The Spark of Life Trilogy

    This book is a self-contained trilogy (3 books in 1) consisting of 176 pages of comfortable type style that discourages any eye strain. The Trilogy's ISBN is 0-9677236-0-4 and its LCCN is 99-069508. Paperback was chosen specifically to keep the price extremely reasonable at $16.95 (now reduced to $6.95). The Trilogy covers the educational, emotional, rational, spiritual, and psychotherapeutic aspects of recovering from bulimia (book 1) and anorexia (book 2) using the author's new therapy (book 3) as developed during 6 years guiding his soul mate toward recovery from these devastating eating disorders. The intent is to provide hope and a dynamic new therapy to eating disorders sufferers and to their supporters and therapists. In order, titles of the three included books are A Spark of Life, The Spark Flickers, and Getting IRCT.

Shipping and Handling

    For an order using credit card or PayPal, shipping and handling (S&H) is currently free via USPS Media Mail (taking about 5 business days) for any quantity of books ordered. Bubble envelopes are used for 1-2 books and appropriate packing materials are used for greater quantities. We hope our free S&H helps during the current demanding economic downturn.

Sales Taxes

    Currently, we are paying any required sales taxes for our customers.

Customer Service

    For problems with credit card and PayPal payments, please contact PayPal customer service toll free at 1-888-221-1161. If you have difficulty receiving our book, please email us so that we may resolve the issue. In our 13 years in business, we have had no unresolved customer issues. Clearly, customer satisfaction is our primary focus. In the very unlikely event that none of the above customer service methods have helped you, click on the Resolution Center link to explore the dispute process. Bear in mind that transactions older than 45 days cannot be disputed.

Privacy and Security

    We have contracted online credit processing specialist PayPal to ensure the privacy and security of your credit card and PayPal transactions. We strive to always treat everyone as we would like to be treated, and we have extremely high standards regarding privacy and security.
    Our privacy policy states that personal information such as your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and credit card and PayPal information will not be used outside of the immediate business transaction, unless required for some legal reason. We occasionally wonder whether other online retailers sometimes sell our own personal information to mail list companies. Rest assured that your information will be kept in complete confidence, just like we want ours treated. Your trust is very important to us, and we will not disappoint you.
    Most security issues involve the handling of credit card information. We have carefully chosen PayPal to provide completely secure and professional payment processing by applying an appropriate measure of sophisticated data encryption to your personal credit information after you select the Buy Now link on the order page throughout the credit processing phases of the transaction. PayPal has proven extremely safe and reliable in handling customer data. We carefully monitor our site's security performance by regular testing and encouraging customers to email us with their feedback. We want you to feel both comfortable and secure in shopping with us. We value you very much as a customer, and we will remain on constant alert to protect your security.

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